Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dear Cheryl,

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Dear Cheryl, 

There is no denying that you are a beautiful woman. Though you are not known in the States, you have charmed the people of Great Britain with your pop songs and great personality, not to mention that accent. Your time with the band Girls Aloud may be coming to an end as you launch your solo career. It's a risky move. Personally, I'd tell you to stay with the group, but I am happy you feel that you can become an international superstar. This week you premiered your single live on the X-Factor. And when I say live, I mean you lipsynched your way through it. It wasn't bad Mrs. Cole, not bad at all. But that outfit...I am just a bit confused. Were you trying to go for the genie look or the military look? Or are you simply a genie that has been forced into the military and is suffering under the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy? Next time, just stuck to the regular minidress and sequins. They suit you so much more. And remember, it's a 'whole new world' and you'll never have 'a friend like me.'

Love ya, 


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