Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dear Blair Waldorf,

image credit to gg-media.com

Dear Blair, 

Should we harp on about how you are not a real person but a character on a poorly written television show? Of course not. Because people such as myself adore such show, and your character. Last night's Gossip Girl was it's usual jumble of rich teenagers playing in illegal card games, photoshopping bongs into pictures, and sabotaging each other in New York. But as usual it was the fashion that stole the show. And Blair is the cream of the crop when it comes to style. The purple dress you rocked in your All About Eve nightmare brought back the sense of another era, where women actually cared about their looks and there was not an Ugg Boot in sight. And the silver, fishscale evening dress you rocked at the Freshman speech exquisite. In fact, all you did was make Serena look dumpy in her Alexander Wang Assymetrical Jersey Dress. So keep bringing the fashion, and the drama...and I'll keep watching. 

Love ya, 


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