Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dear Jonny V,

Dear Brad Jonathan,

We all know Brad from The Rachel Zoe Project is fierce. And this letter could have been too him. But then I saw the true star of the photo. Bowties are in, but you've been rocking them for as long as I've known you. And better than any Jonas could hope to do so. That mint shirt is so faboo it hurts, and matched with the hat and vest, I am sure all those Fashion Week attendees were noticing.

Love ya,


And everyone reading my blog needs to take a break and hop on over to Orange Juice and Biscuits right now. The best celebrity blog. And certainly better than He Who Will Not Be Name...aka Perez Hilton. If you don't click that link and read his witty commentary, you might just get an angry message from me.

Dear Adele

photo credit to mirror.co.uk (getty images)

Dear Adele,

Now I know it's a bit early to be giving out 'Classy Lady of the Week' awards, but my dear, you are fabulous. Hollywood is made up of starving bobbleheads, and then along comes you with your fierce voice and hair, and even fiercer fashion. It's no wonder that Anna Wintour took you under her wing. Like a little duckling. And while I love Party in the USA as the next hormone driven teenage girl, it couldn't have been easy to share the Diva's stage with Miley Cyrus. But you came out and performed a great song, and looked fierce while doing so. And that dress hits all the right notes with me. So congratulations Adele. You're doing Britain proud. Now if only you could offer some advice to Susan Boyle...

Love ya,


Dear Blake...

photo credit to justjared

Dear Blake Lively,

Okay, I get it. You have legs that go on for days, and your hair is super perfect. You're also on one of the hottest shows of the moment and you have a great, rich actor boyfriend. Girls want to be you, and guys want to be with you. But that doesn't mean that you can get away with the dress you wore to the Emmy's.  Now you know that I love Gossip Girl, and even though Serena is easily the most annoying character, and sometimes it sounds like you're talking through pursed lips, I still watch. But this dress...I've seen classier outfits on the Real Housewives of Atlanta. And that is saying something. That picture doesn't even show the thigh high slit up the middle of the dress.  All I am saying, is keep it classy. You're a young, teen star but if you start delving into the realm of the Lohan, you might have a problem.



Saturday, September 19, 2009

welcome, welcome

my friend jonny v over at the orange juice and biscuits blog (which everyone should immediately go and check out) encouraged me to start this blog. anyone who knows me, knows that i love to critique fashion. give me a red carpet and i'll give you my thoughts. so i decided to create this blog so i could formally praise...and tear apart stars and the outfits they wear. why should you trust me? well, you shouldn't. everyone has their own style, i just like to talk too much. so enjoy.

love louise 

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