Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dear Adele

photo credit to mirror.co.uk (getty images)

Dear Adele,

Now I know it's a bit early to be giving out 'Classy Lady of the Week' awards, but my dear, you are fabulous. Hollywood is made up of starving bobbleheads, and then along comes you with your fierce voice and hair, and even fiercer fashion. It's no wonder that Anna Wintour took you under her wing. Like a little duckling. And while I love Party in the USA as the next hormone driven teenage girl, it couldn't have been easy to share the Diva's stage with Miley Cyrus. But you came out and performed a great song, and looked fierce while doing so. And that dress hits all the right notes with me. So congratulations Adele. You're doing Britain proud. Now if only you could offer some advice to Susan Boyle...

Love ya,


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